It’s Not About Winning or Losing, It’s About Having Fun… While Still Trying to Win

“It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about having fun.”

This sentiment I feel is important, but not quite fully complete. Maybe it is taken out of context and cut short, but whoever originally said this might have continued with: “And while having fun, we must not forget that we are still trying to win.”

Winning and Fun are not mutually exclusive. Some may even define their instance of “winning” to include levels of enjoyment and other essences of “having fun”. It’s sometimes easier to conceptualize winning as separate from having fun in competitions like sports. But we must not use “having fun” as an excuse to allow for a losing mindset. We may happen to lose in a given sport or situation, but we can’t just let that happen without first trying to win. In doing so, we do not have to give up on having fun.

I think what happens in some people’s minds, is that they substitute out “caring about the outcome of winning or losing” with “having fun”. But once we stop caring about winning or losing, we will most probably find out we are losing and will continue to lose. I think we should still care about the outcome, and as part of that we can still have fun.

I think people in general accept too many situations at the expense of fun. We often submit ourselves to do things which we don’t find fun-ness value in. This can be both because we don’t explicitly recognize aspects we enjoy about a certain situation, and because maybe we just don’t enjoy it at all but want some other reward from it. I find it important to be able to recognize which of these situations can become fun (based on our own criteria), and which legitimately cannot meet our fun criteria, and decide which situations we want to remain in and which situations we choose to escape from.

What situations do I find myself in now which don’t seem to have enough fun-ness value? How can I increase my level of enjoyment? Or do I need to take myself out of those situations?

I want to Win, and have fun while doing it. Is that so much to ask?

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