This is my first blog. I found myself feeling the urge to write about things on my mind, so I decided to just take the plunge. I plan on using this opportunity to better clarify my thoughts and communication delivery. And maybe I’ll talk about things you find interesting too!  Hope you enjoy your time here!

As I have written and clarified my thoughts, I have focused on 5 general aspects of Winning.

  • まっすぐに (Massugu ni) – Straightforward
  • 絶対に (Zettai ni) – Absolutely
  • 一緒に (Issho ni) – Together
    • If we are playing the same game, then I will teach you all I know of winning. If we play cooperatively, we can win even more together. If we play competitively, and you beat me, that loss will help me so that I can be better at winning. The loss will not be because I tried to withhold information of my winning strategies from you, but because I showed you everything I know and you showed me something extra I did not know, and I thank you for that extra knowledge of winning.
  • 最初僕のために (Saisho Boku no Tame ni) – First For Myself
  • それからみんなのために (Sorekara Minna no Tame ni) – Then For Everyone

It’s with these aspects in mind, For the Win.



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