star train

Play Your Game

People might distract you from what you are doing. It’s important to know how to play your game, even when others might criticize, prod, or make fun of how you play.

There is a fine line between stubbornness and conviction, a difference between playing and winning despite, not because ofFirst of all, play for yourself, with your interests in mind. Do not expect others to play for you. It’s only after you can consistently and reliably win for yourself, that you might consider if you’d also like to play for others.

You should expect that when your play-style clashes with another’s, that questioning will arise. “Why aren’t you doing what they’re doing?” One side might be asking this question. Both sides might be asking this question.

You can respond to that question in different ways: self-judgment, judging the other, hating, mocking, adjusting, maintaining, ignoring. Whatever the response is, it should be in deference to the art and goal of Winning.

Play your Game. If it needs to change, then change it. If it needs to stay the same, then keep playing that way. See you at the finish line.